Bracing Options at the Spine Center

Children who have a diagnosis of scoliosis or kyphosis sometimes have bracing needs.

The brace is a traditional but proven approach to slowing or stopping the progression of spinal curvatures.

When a doctor first diagnoses your child, he or she may suggest wearing a brace if:

  • The spinal curve is severe enough (between 25 and 40 degrees).
  • Your child isn't finished growing.

How Can a Spinal Brace Help My Child?

The brace is helpful because, as kids grow, their curve may become worse.

At the Spine Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, we custom make the brace for your child's curve.

The brace:

  • Pushes against the part of the back that is out of line.
  • Hopefully keeps the spinal curve from getting worse.
  • Also works to correct rotation of the ribs, which happens because of the spinal curve.

Our specially trained orthotists will:

  • Review your child's EOS scans.
  • Take some measurements.
  • Order a brace made specifically for your child's curve.
  • Fit the brace to your child's body and adjust for comfort.

Types of Spinal Braces

At the Spine Center, we offer three bracing options.

Boston Brace

The Boston Brace has been in use since the 1970s. There are several designs, each made for a certain type of curve.

Which brace your child's doctor prescribes depends on whether he or she has:

  • A low spinal curve
  • A high curve
  • An S-shaped curve

Rigo® System Cheneau® (RSC) brace

The RSC brace has also been in use since the 1970s and, like the Boston Brace, has improved since then.

Each brace is custom made for and fitted to your child.

Gomez brace

The Gomez brace helps improve overall spinal balance and stability.

How Long Will My Child Need to Wear a Brace?

We realize a brace can be uncomfortable. But our orthotists take the time to make sure that every brace is the best fit possible.

Each case of scoliosis is different.

Your child may need to wear the brace for a few hours a day or even almost all day. Your doctor will tell you how long each day your child needs to wear his or her brace.

Our team can also give you and your child advice on how to be more comfortable wearing the brace.

As your child grows, we'll adjust the brace to ensure that he or she continues to get the most benefit from it.

Contact the Spine Center

To make an appointment, contact the Spine Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh at 412-692-5530.