Pediatric Transplant Patient Stories

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has performed more pediatric transplants than any other pediatric center, helping countless children whose lives were affected by disease live normal, healthy lives.

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Our Transplant Patients “Get Happy”

Transplant Patients Featured in Video

“Happy” is a video about hope and stars the following patients of UPMC Children’s, the Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplantation and the Heart Institute:

  • Abdulla Al-Dosari, Age 4, Intestine Transplant, December 2006
  • Justin Ball, 14 months, Listed for Intestine Transplant
  • Cora Carbin, 10 months, Heart Transplant, March 2009
  • Charleigh Coulter, 7 months, Intestinal Care and Rehabilitation (ICARE) Patient
  • Cody French, Age 18, Liver Transplant, November 2006
  • Zane Frye, Age 3, Heart Transplant, September 2006
  • Michael King, Age 25, Heart Transplant, November 1999
  • Cooper Knight, Age 2, Listed for Intestine Transplant
  • Adelyn Rosner, 7, Liver Transplant, February 2003
  • Brayden Stallman, 7 months, Listed for Liver, Intestine and Pancreas Transplant
  • Nick Torres, Age 3, Listed for Liver, Intestine and Pancreas Transplant
  • Harold “TJ” Wilson, 3, Heart Transplant, July 2007
  • Sean Zwick, Age 4, Nephrology (Kidney) Patient
  • Serenity Craig, Age 3, Liver, Intestine and Pancreas Transplant, July 2008

Special thanks to the physicians, nurses and clinical staff of the Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplantation, the Heart Institute, and the rest of the staff of UPMC Children’s for their support in making this video and for all they do to give kids and families hope everyday.

Song written and produced by Kelsey Friday and Rick Witkowski at Studio L.

Video produced by Garrison Hughes & Animal.