Conditions We Treat at the UTI Center

UTI: A Serious and Frequent Condition

UTI Center family resources at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.The facts tell the story: Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most frequently occurring serious bacterial infection in infants and young children. Early and accurate diagnosis and treatment help prevent kidney scars. We’ve learned that two out of three young children with both UTI and a fever have a kidney infection, and 15 percent of children with kidney infections develop kidney scars. The long-term consequences of pediatric UTI with kidney infection can be high blood pressure, complications during pregnancy, and kidney failure.

What We Offer Families

  • Close follow-up, telephone consultation, and dedicated, personalized care for children with UTI, vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), and bowel and bladder dysfunction (BBD)
  • Guidance on diagnostic testing and assistance with scheduling appointments with Urology, Nephrology, and Radiology
  • Assistance in determining the need for specialty care appointments in the Healthy Elimination Learning Program (HELP) for children with a history of UTI, day and nighttime urinary incontinence, and voiding symptoms such as urgency, frequency, and incomplete bladder emptying
  • A full range of child-friendly imaging services with the support of certified a child life specialist to help make your child’s imaging experience as pleasant as possible
  • Opportunities to participate in and contribute to leading national UTI clinical research, including arrangements for a member of our research staff to be immediately available at Children’s three Primary Care Centers and 11 Children’s Community Pediatrics offices
  • Continued development of high-quality evidence that leads to outstanding patient care

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