Frequently Asked Questions About Experienced Nursing

I don't have any pediatric experience, all of my professional work as a nurse has been in adult nursing. Do I have a chance of being hired by Children's Hospital?

Yes. Children's hires registered nurses without previous pediatric experience. We are looking for men and women who have a sincere desire to work with pediatric patients. Orientation for any nurse is determined after reviewing your work history and reviewing the required classes and preceptorship for new staff.

What if I decide I would like to transfer to another type of nursing department? When can I transfer?

UPMC policy requires a new employee to work for one year before you can apply to transfer to another department. A posted vacancy must be available in another department and employees must apply online for a transfer. You could then be interviewed by the department head, and if offered a new position, you must observe the transfer policy.


I have many years of experience as a nurse. Will I be paid the same as a new nurse staring out in a pediatric position at Children's?

Salaries for registered nurses are based on several factors, including the following:

  • Years of experience as a registered nurse
  • Whether or not you have a BSN
  • Salaries for experienced nurses with the same years of professional nursing experience at Children's Hospital and other UPMC facilities.