Pre-Registration for MyUPMC Users

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh now offers families a faster check-in process with pre-registration. In preparation for your appointment, you’ll receive an email, text message, and/or MyUPMC push notification prompting you to complete the pre-registration process.

Pre-registration allows you to:

  • Electronically sign documents.
  • Complete questionnaires.
  • Verify insurance information.
  • Make a copay.

After you pre-registration is completed, you’ll receive an email, text message, and/or MyUPMC push notification 15 minutes prior to your schedule appointment. To let the office know you’ve arrived in the waiting area, tap the “I’ve Arrived” button. If you don’t receive an email, text message, and/or MyUPMC push notification, please stop by the front desk to make sure you have completed all steps of the pre-registration process before having a seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a MyUPMC account required to complete pre-registration?

A MyUPMC account is not required for pre-registration. If you don't have a MyUPMC account, pre-registration can be completed through an email or text message sent to the contact information on file.

Who receives the pre-registration emails and text messages?

The pre-registration communications are sent to the email address and/or cell phone number your provider’s office has on file.

What if I didn’t receive any emails or text messages?

Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date with the office when you check in for your appointment or in MyUPMC.

If I have a same-day appointment, will I still receive emails and text messages for pre-registration?

Yes, if your appointment is at least one hour out from the time of scheduling, you should receive a pre-registration link.

I have a MyUPMC account, but don’t see any information about my child.

To view your child’s record, parents/legal guardians must first obtain MyUPMC Proxy Access.

What is MyUPMC Proxy Access and how do I establish it for my child?

MyUPMC Proxy Access allows parents/legal guardians access to their child’s health record through their patient portal account. Proxy access is available for parents/legal guardians from the birth of their child until the child’s 18th birthday.

How to obtain Pediatric Proxy for MyUPMC members:

  1. Log in to your MyUPMC account.
  2. Click “Account Settings” and under “Family Access” select Add Patient.

Enter your child’s information and submit.

How can I opt out of receiving pre-registration text messages?

Simply reply “XCheckin” to 51362 if you no longer want to receive pre-registration text messages.

What if I pay a copay during pre-registration but have to cancel my appointment?

As long as you cancel your appointment, your card will not be charged. A hold will be placed on the payment method entered during pre-registration and will only be charged after your visit.