UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh now offers waitlist options for patients and families who want to be seen sooner by their doctor or care team. When scheduling an appointment, you can ask your child’s office to add them to the waitlist* and you’ll be contacted if a sooner appointment** becomes available through your UPMC patient portal.


MyUPMC users will be contacted through a portal notification, email, and text message if an appointment becomes available. Click on the notification or link within the email or text message to see the details and accept the new appointment.

UPMC Central PA Portal

UPMC Central PA Portal users will receive an email if an appointment becomes available. Click on the link within the email to see the details and accept the new appointment.

*Not all future appointments and tests are eligible.

**Openings for wait-listed appointments are time sensitive and may no longer be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my child to a waitlist?

You can ask to add your child to the waitlist for an appointment when scheduling over the phone or in the office.

What happens to my child’s scheduled appointment if I accept an appointment offer?

After a sooner appointment offer has been accepted, your child’s previously scheduled appointment date and time will automatically be updated in your patient portal.

What happens if I decline an appointment offer?

After an appointment offer has been declined, your child’s appointment date and time will stay the same. You will still receive sooner appointment offers in the future as they become available.

Why is the appointment offer I received no longer available?

Waitlist appointment offers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are sent to multiple patients at a time. If someone else claims the offer before you do, your child will remain on the waitlist and you’ll be notified of future openings.

Why aren’t all appointments and tests eligible for the waitlist?

For some appointments and tests, the timing is important for the patient’s care (ex: a specific number of weeks after a procedure). Because of this, not all appointments and tests can have a waitlist.

How can I be removed from the waitlist?

You can remove your child from the waitlist on the appointment screen in your patient portal.

How can I opt out of receiving waitlist text messages?

Simply reply “XWaitlist” if you no longer want to receive waitlist text messages.

How can I find out how many people are ahead of my child and if they’ll received a sooner appointment?

Since appointment availability is based on many factors, your child‘s care team is not able to know if or when they’ll get an offer. If your child is eligible to receive an offer, you’ll be notified as soon as an earlier appointment time becomes available. To help you get notified quicker, visit your app store to download your patient portal app and make sure your contact information is up to date.