About the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Program

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh focuses on Advanced Practice Provider (APP) growth and development.

While clinical productivity and autonomy is an area of attention, we recognize the importance of global professional and personal development as the key to optimization.

APP Advisory Committee

  • Committee comprised of Advanced Practice Provider representatives from each division with APPs on staff
  • Subcommittees: Personnel, Quality, Education, Service, and Membership
  • APP Advisory Committee was developed to ensure that clinical staff are at the forefront of APP related initiatives and changes

APP Fellowship Program

  • Designed to equip providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to master their chosen pediatric subspecialty:
  • One-year training program:
    • Weighted in specialty training
    • 4-week general pediatrics “boot camp”
    • Didactic, clinical, and simulation training

After successful completion of the Pediatric APP Fellowship Program, it is our goal to extend an offer for continued employment with UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. 

Continued Education

  • APP Educational Series – for APPs by APPs continued education opportunity with pharmacy credits offered
  • APP CME flier by UPMC Children's – a collection of pediatric focused CME opportunities, both web-based and live, at local, regional, and national levels is distributed on a monthly basis with links directly to registration pages, CME accreditation information, and more.
  • Chairman’s Rounds, Schwartz Rounds, and weekly Pediatric Ground Rounds are among the other live CME offerings through UPMC Children's.

APP Appreciation Week

October 2018 marked the first annual APP Appreciation Week.

This week of celebration honors our amazing APP team at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh with:

  • Daily CME offerings focused on career development, wellness, and other topics pertinent to all clinicians
  • Gift baskets provided by staff
  • APP Appreciation dinner  
  • “APP of the Year” award presentation

And more!

Contact the UPMC Office of APPs to learn more about our programs.