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Physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals will explore a new frontier of child and adolescent medicine on “That’s Pediatrics.”

From the hospital that is home to the polio vaccine, pediatric transplantation, and Mr. Yuk™, our hosts discuss the latest discoveries and innovations of pediatric health care, featuring interviews with a variety of our experts at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

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Carolyn Coyne, PhD

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John Williams, MD

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Learn About Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery With Dr. Jesse Goldstein

July is Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness Month. Jesse A. Goldstein, MD, is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at University of Pittsburgh. He practices as a pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, helping patients from newborns to young adults restore function and appearance as a result of birth defects, trauma, injury, or disease. Dr. Goldstein serves as the Program Director of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/UPMC Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship and is a member of many regional and national medical societies including the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Craniofacial Surgeons, the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Society, as well as the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons. Follow Dr. Goldstein on Instagram at @jessegoldsteinmd

Released: 7/7/20

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