Department of Pediatrics Annual Report

A Message From the Chair

"To the children in our care, victory is all important. It is similar for our students and trainees working to earn the next level of responsibility. But for faculty and staff, the metaphor in which we reveal ourselves is not winning wars or playing to win. We are not heroes in their struggles; we are planters and tenders of trees, under whose shade we do not expect to rest. We are servants, healers, teachers, and seekers. We labor, ultimately, for others. We are stewards entrusted with futures well beyond our own: the lives of patients, the preparation of our own surpassers, and the advancement of biomedical innovation. We work for the benefit of those who need us most while wishing that they never have cause to call on us, but when they do, they spare us not a backward glance as they race off into futures still theirs because we saw them past their need for the hope of doing so.

Terence Shawn Dermody, MD

Terence S. Dermody, MD
Vira I. Heinz Professor and Chair of Pediatrics
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Physician-in-Chief and Scientific Director
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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