Faculty Mentoring — Department of Pediatrics

Mentor committees provide a structure and process to foster the academic career development and success of faculty. The Department of Pediatrics requires every assistant professor to have a mentor committee.

As senior faculty continue to navigate their academic careers, they may find ongoing mentor committee guidance and support useful.

Mentor committees support faculty in all academic pathways by:

  • Lending personalized guidance and counsel in developing a fulfilling career in the Department of Pediatrics.
  • Helping plan for promotion.

Department of Pediatrics Mentor Committee Meetings

  • New faculty members should set up and meet with their mentor committees within the first 6 months of appointment.
  • Committees should meet as a group at least yearly. Faculty may hold more frequent meetings if needed or desired, such as when the mentee nears promotion.

Department of Pediatrics Mentor Guides

Download the following for more details on mentor committees: