Faculty Mentoring — Department of Pediatrics

Mentor committees provide a structure and process to foster the academic career development and success of faculty. The Department of Pediatrics requires every assistant professor to have a mentor committee.

As senior faculty continue to navigate their academic careers, they may find ongoing mentor committee guidance and support useful.

Mentor committees support faculty in all academic pathways by:

  • Lending personalized guidance and counsel in developing a fulfilling career in the Department of Pediatrics.
  • Helping plan for promotion.

Department of Pediatrics Mentor Committee Meetings

  • New faculty members should set up and meet with their mentor committees within the first 6 months of appointment.
  • Committees should meet as a group at least yearly. Faculty may hold more frequent meetings if needed or desired, such as when the mentee nears promotion.
  • Faculty should  attach a completed Mentor Committee Summary Form.

Department of Pediatrics Mentor Guides

Download the following for more details on mentor committees: