Understanding Adolescent Mental Health Treatment with Dr. Radovic

Dr. Radovic is interested in increasing adolescent and parent participation in mental health treatment when depression or anxiety treatment is recommended within primary care. She is especially interested in using internet technology such as social media to enable connections between adolescent and young adult peers as well as parent peers who have mental health illness in common and has developed a publicly available website intervention for teens and young adults (sova.pitt.edu) and for parents (wisesova.pitt.edu). Currently, she is has a career development award from National Institute of Mental Health and is conducting a pilot randomized controlled trial of the SOVA intervention. She is also part of the ETUDES (Enhancing Treatment and Utilization for Depression and Suicidality in Pediatric Primary Care, etudes.pitt.edu) team, an NIMH funded ALACRITY center.

Released: 11/19/19