Frequently Asked Questions About the Pennsylvania Pediatric Health Network LLC (PPHN)

What is the governance structure of the Pennsylvania Pediatric Health Network?

The PPHN is a physician-led and -governed group serving primary and specialty care disciplines across the continuum of care. All member groups have delegates at both the board and subcommittee levels.

The four subcommittees are:

  • Population Health
  • Clinical Integration and Health IT
  • Finance and Contracting
  • Network Development

Does this affect how primary care practices bill or see prior gains in a shared savings model?

Joining the PPHN does not change how member groups bill or collect payments.

Our goal is to best prepare providers for the changing incentive payment market, as historical shared savings contracts move toward risk-based contracting. Value-based contracts are upside only to the member practices of the network.

Will the PPHN share practice quality or financial data within the network?

Board and subcommittee members drive how the PPHN shares performance information across member practices. Sharing data allows us to look for potential initiatives and areas of opportunity for the network as a whole.

The PPHN firmly adheres to antitrust laws and regulations.

We make sure all network members:

  • Maintain strict compliance of antitrust laws and safeguarding confidential company data.
  • Avoid behavior that could appear anticompetitive or in violation of the antitrust laws.
  • Promptly consult outside legal counsel with any questions.

Some topics the PPHN does not discuss includes:

  • Prices
  • Rates
  • Salaries
  • Compensation
  • Any other topics that involve possible anticompetitive practice

If the PPHN recognizes savings through the value-based arrangements, how will you distribute the savings?

First and foremost, the goal of the PPHN is to provide the highest quality care. We will reinvest and allot savings from this work to keep the network viable and the providers engaged.

The physician-led board and development subcommittee will define the distribution method, in compliance with all applicable law. And the network will maintain transparency in the method through the operating and participation agreements.

Contact the Pennsylvania Pediatric Health Network

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