Could Your Child or Family Benefit From Counseling?

Problems of everyday living are a normal part of life. Family stress is common and can affect everyone. Children can have emotional experiences that prevent them from doing as well as they could at home and at school. Parents suffer when things are not going well for themselves or for their children. Yet when identified early, these types of concerns can respond quickly to treatment, sometimes in just a few sessions.

Stress can contriubute to:

  • Symptoms of depression and/or anxiety
  • Behaviors such as defiance, tantrums, or back talk
  • extended periods of unhappiness or impairing worry
  • arguments between parents or between parents and their child or teen
  • changes in school performance

Who Do I Call?

Call our intake department at 724-933-3910. Our intake staff will:

  • gather some basic information
  • ask you questions about the concerns you have about your child and/or family
  • ask about your insurance

This information will be used to match your child and family with a behavioral health provider.