Behavioral Health Consultation and Liaison Service

The Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation and Liaison team provides compassionate, expert multidisciplinary care to children and families facing acute or chronic physical illness. Our team members encompass multiple disciplines and include psychiatrists, psychologists and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Our team works in partnership with your primary inpatient medical team as part of the comprehensive care you and your family deserve by:

  • Helping support, guide, and promote adaptive behavior in response to the stresses of illness
  • Assessing and managing emotional and physical pain in a developmentally appropriate manner
  • Identifying psychopathology when present and making appropriate treatment recommendations, including cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive (“talk”) therapy, behavioral programming, relaxation skills training and psychopharmacology when appropriate
  • Collaborating with your primary medical team in the evaluation and management of a variety of other clinical circumstances such as: 
    • Assessment and emotional support
    • Emergency evaluations for dangerous/unAssessmsafe behavior
    • Management of delirium or other neuropsychiatric phenomena secondary to medical illness or its treatment
    • Assisting on differential diagnosis and management of medically  unexplained symptoms
    • Evaluation of at risk populations at new diagnosis of chronic medical illness
    • Evaluation for eating or feeding
    • Evaluation for patients who have experienced a traumatic event or loss
    • Providing coping strategies to manage anxiety and/or depression related to medical illness
    • Promoting treatment adherence
    • Behavioral management of pain
    • Collaborating on pre-surgical evaluations
    • Managing co-morbid psychiatric illness or emotional distress in physically  ill patients
    • Assisting with disposition planning
    • Facilitating communication with families and teams

Referral Requirements

Requests for a behavioral health consultation may be generated by any member of a Children’s Hospital medical or surgical team, including house staff, nursing and social services, as well as by parents or guardians. The child’s attending physician must approve the request.



  • Behavioral Health Consultation and Liaison Service

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