Cerebrovascular Anomalies in Children: Treatments

As part of a world-class health care system, we at Children’s Hospital’s Brain Care Institute offer comprehensive care for children with all types of cerebrovascular anomalies and diseases, regardless of the type or severity. Depending on the type of condition from which the child suffers, the surgery options differ, for some embolization procedures by an endovascular neurosurgeon or interventional neuroradiologist, rather than open surgery, may be the best option as seen in vein of Galen malformation patients.

For conditions like Moyamoya syndrome, we offer pial syangiosis, a procedure that involves suturing a healthy blood vessel from the scalp onto the surface of the brain, using a microvascular technique. This procedure is called an indirect bypass, as new branches form from the healthy artery to supply the brain. A direct bypass, in which the healthy artery is sutured directly to a blood vessel in the brain, is sometimes recommended in older children.

Our multidisciplinary approach provides each child a continuum of care through the collaboration of our support services , including experts from: