About the Children's Epilepsy Surgery Program

At the UPMC Children's Epilepsy Surgery Program, our experts are always talking to their peers.

Our team meets and talks about each child we see. We review all of their health history and scans.

From this meeting, we come up with a treatment plan. We focus on options that will help each child the most.

Your Child's Epilepsy Surgery Care Team

Our expert team includes:

  • Brain doctors skilled in working with children who have epilepsy.
  • Brain surgeons with expert training in epilepsy surgery.
  • Brain doctors who focus on how the brain works.
  • Brain imaging experts.
  • Child mental health experts.
  • Child rehabilitation specialists.

When visiting our clinic, you'll meet with many team members. This is where we do pre-op testing and long-term follow-up after surgery.

Contact the Epilepsy Surgery Program at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

To make a referral, schedule an appointment, or request an evaluation for a child or teen, contact us at 412-692-6928 or email epilepsysurgery@chp.edu.