Child Development Unit (CDU)

The Child Development Unit (CDU) promotes a family-centered approach to health care in which families participate actively in the assessment. The Child Development Unit is made up of a team of professionals who specialize in assessing a child’s delays developmentally, behaviorally or emotionally; developmental disorders; genetic disorders; or long-term consequences of medical conditions. The staff includes developmental/behavioral pediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, behavioral consultants and trainees who collaborate to provide a comprehensive assessment tailored to the specific needs of children and families.

The goals of the assessment process are to describe a child’s strengths and weaknesses in many areas of functioning and determine, if possible, the factors contributing to a child’s difficulties. The assessment can lead to recommendations for building on a child’s strengths and for helping him or her in problem areas. Recommendations may include appropriate educational goals, settings and strategies. CDU staff members are available to consult with physicians during their patients’ inpatient stays at Children’s.

This center provides a continuity of care and/or research opportunities for patients and their families.

Referral Requirements

Referrals are required from primary care physicians or other Children's Hospital specialty services. Referrals from schools, early intervention programs, and self-referrals are accepted with primary care physician authorization.