Evaluation Services

The CDU staff conduct individualized assessments to identify a child’s strengths in various areas of functioning as well as possible factors contributing to a child’s difficulty. CDU assessments can help families better manage a child’s developmental/behavioral challenges by making recommendations designed to build upon a child’s strengths, such as appropriate educational settings and goals.

CDU evaluations are conducted in the following areas:

  • Activity or behavior problems, including extreme irritability, temper tantrums, hyperactivity or aggression
  • Developmental delays in walking, talking or social interactions
  • Developmental or behavioral risk factors, including premature birth and chronic medical disease
  • Family difficulties in understanding and/or managing child developmental delays/behavioral problems
  • Specific developmental disabilities such as autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and intellectual disability
  • Sleeping difficulties, enuresis (bed-wetting), encopresis (soiling) or other problems with bodily functions and psychological well-being

Following an initial evaluation, families are given an assessment summary and may be asked to participate in additional evaluations. The CDU staff encourage all parents, primary caregivers and foster parents to participate in the evaluation process.

Important Documentation

Before scheduling an on-site visit, families will be mailed an information packet and may be asked to complete various questionnaires, as well as consent forms that allow the CDU to obtain information from other sources.

Also, families may be asked to forward copies of the following items:

  • medical records
  • birth records
  • school records, including achievement and intelligence test results