Division of Community Health

The Division of Community Health aims to improve child and family health through community- and hospital-based initiatives:

Primary Care Centers

Primary Care Centers provide pediatric care to children in communities that have a large number of medically underserved children. Sites currently are open in:

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

state-of-the-art pediatric primary care center on wheels where pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists from UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh provide medical care to children and adolescents who are unable to visit a doctor regularly.

Family Care Connection (FCC) Centers

The Family Care Connection (FCC) Center staff provides home visiting, on-site programming and consultation, referral and linkages to a vast number of community agencies and child development and parenting education and community-building activities. FCCs work closely with the medical staff of Children’s Primary Care Centers to strengthen critical links with families in improving the well-being of their children. 

Community Education Program

Community education classes promote health, safety and wellness in the home and the community and are held regularly at Children’s sites and community organizations. A wide range of topics at a variation of times are available for registration through the community education classes calendar.  

Referral Requirements

Referrals to all programs may be made directly and may be initiated by parents, psychologists, physicians and/or social workers.