UPMC Children's Pancreatic Disorders Center

National Pancreas Foundation Centers of Excellence

If your child has pancreatitis, painful symptoms can get in the way of daily life. It can leave you both feeling helpless and worried about their health.

The Pancreatic Disorders Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh can provide help and hope for better days. Our team of doctors knows what your family is going through.

Call us at 412-692-5180 to learn more.

As a National Pancreas Foundation Center of Excellence, we:

  • Have the training and expertise to care for your child's pancreatitis.
  • Can answer your questions and ask you about your child's needs.
  • Manage your child's disease so that there's less pain today and less worry about tomorrow.

It also means you can spend less time traveling for your child's care. And your child can spend more time being a kid.

Madhura Phadke, MD, serves as the medical director for the Pancreatic Disorders Center.

Children's Pancreatic Conditions We Treat

It's common for children to get pancreatitis only once.

Sometimes it can come back again. In rare cases, it can become a chronic or ongoing health problem.

The Pancreatic Disorders Center treats kids with these three types:

  • Acute pancreatitis.
  • Acute recurrent pancreatitis.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.

Pancreatic Treatments and Services We Offer

Whatever type of pancreatitis your child has, we can help take care of it.

Our goal is to provide care that allows:

  • Treat your child's symptoms so they feel better.
  • Find the cause of their pancreatitis.
  • Manage their health issues so they can have a good quality of life.
  • Provide care for their physical and mental health needs.

Pancreatitis treatment options include medicine, procedures, and surgery.

Why Choose the Pancreatic Disorders Center at UPMC Children's?

When your child is hurting, you want what's best for them.

We're a designated National Pancreas Foundation Center of Excellence. Only the top health systems in treating pancreatitis receive this title.

For your child, this means they'll have:

  • Care from every angle. Your child will have access to experts for every aspect of their health needs.
  • Coordinated care. These experts work together to treat and manage your child's illness.
  • "Whole-patient" care. Our doctors focus on the best possible outcomes and improving your child's quality of life.

Is the Center Involved in Pancreas Research?


At UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, we focus on the future of pancreas disorders care.

We are actively involved in research to find the causes of pediatric pancreatitis. Research is vital to finding better ways to test for and treat it.

Referral Requirements to the Children's Pancreatic Disorders Center

You don't need a doctor's referral to the Pancreatic Disorders Center.

If you're enrolled in managed care insurance plans, like HMOs, you may need:

  • Pre-approval from your health plan.
  • Referral from your child's PCP.
  • To fill out other paperwork. We must receive these forms before your child's first visit.

Your child's health records

We suggest you send your child's records before you come to make the best use of their visit.

These may include:

  • Medical records.
  • Imaging tests.

Contact the Pancreatic Disorders Center

The Pancreatic Center at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is here for your family.

Your child doesn't need a doctor's referral to come to us for care.

Call us at 412-692-5180 to learn more.

Our address:

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
4401 Penn Ave., Floor 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15224