Mechanical Circulatory Support

When you injure a part of the body, it needs rest to heal. That's why doctors use a cast on broken bones. The cast helps the bone mend.

But the heart is a pump that works non-stop, beating every second of every day. So, when you have a heart problem, resting the heart to help it heal is nearly impossible.

But research has found a way to give the heart a rest and relieve heart damage. A heart support machine can allow the stressed and weakened heart and organs gain strength or even fully heal.

Types of Heart Support Machines

The Heart Institute at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has one of the largest mechanical heart support programs in the United States.

We have been a leader in two types of heart support machines to treat children with advanced heart failure:

Through research and vast experience, we have advanced these support methods.

Now, children can be on heart support machines longer than once thought possible, giving their hearts more time to rest and heal.

To refer a patient for mechanical circulatory support for respiratory or heart failure, call 412-692-5540.

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