Nephrology Services and Programs at Children's

If your child has kidney, bladder, or urinary problems, our experts can help.

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh provides a full range of services and programs for children with kidney disease and other related health problems.

We work with urologic and pediatric surgeons to provide complete patient care.

Nephrology Services at Children's

  • Pediatric Dialysis Unit — provides a full range of services for children in need of dialysis and is the only unit of its kind in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  • Pediatric Hypertension Clinic — helps manage high blood pressure in children and adolescents with diet plans and physical activity advice.
  • Nephrology Outreach Clinics — provides nephrology assessments and services for children who live far from Pittsburgh.

Description of Nephrology Programs at Children's

  • Kidney Kamp — gives kids with kidney disease a chance to kick back, have fun, and enjoy the summer with new and old friends.
  • Kidney Stone Prevention Program — offers a unique approach to removing kidney stones and preventing future stones.
  • Kidney Transplant Program — performs kidney transplants to restore health and wellness to children suffering from end-stage renal disease.
  • Tele-Nutrition Program — offers remote nutrition and weight management counseling for children with high blood pressure and kidney stones.

Referral Requirements for Nephrology Services at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology requires referrals from primary care doctors or other Children’s Hospital specialists. Patients enrolled in managed care insurance plans also may need authorization from their insurance provider and primary care physician.

We must receive all required referral and authorization forms before your child's visit.

Your referring doctor should supply:

  • All medical summaries.
  • Radiology studies, films, and reports.
  • Biopsy results (when available).

For accurate provider numbers or more information, call us at 412-692-5182.