Tele-Nutrition Program

Tele-Nutrition Program

Conditions: Pediatric hypertension and kidney stones

Locations: Children's Specialty Care Center Erie and Children's Specialty Care Center Hermitage

How to schedule: Tele-Nutrition consults are available through the Division of Pediatric Nephrology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. You must be referred by your Pediatric Nephrologist at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Clinical Dietitian: Jessica Lieb, RD, LDN

Nutrition and weight management are critical to managing conditions such as pediatric hypertension and kidney stones. To help patients and their families meet important diet and exercise goals, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh offers remote counseling via telemedicine, as prescribed by your child's pediatric nephrologist.

Convenient and Effective Tele-Consultations

This service is available at Children's Specialty Care Centers in Erie and Hermitage. The hospital's state-of-the-art telemedicine technology makes counseling accessible, convenient and effective. Our Clinical Dietitian holds video consultations with patients and their families to discuss diet history; create an individualized, realistic diet and exercise plan, and monitor progress on a monthly basis.

Proven Nutrition Plans for Kids

Our individual plans are based on nationally recognized diets such as the DASH diet, the TLC diet, the Mediterranean diet, and recommendations from the USDA's Choose My Plate guidelines. These proven diet regimens have been adapted by our Clinical Dietitian to child and adolescent demographics.

Motivation and Accessibility

The telemedicine format provides personal, face-to-face communication, important to maintaining motivation and understanding. Its availability at campuses throughout western Pennsylvania makes it accessible to families in areas where nutrition counseling may not be readily available.