Who We Can Help With Collagen Cross-Linking

Two groups of people are especially hard to treat when they have keratoconus (KC):

  • Children
  • Developmentally delayed adults and children

Kids tend to get allergic diseases and often rub their eyes. This can lead to an increased thinning of the cornea.

If doctors don't treat progressive KC, it can result in permanent loss of vision and the need for a cornea transplant.

Studies have shown that collagen cross-linking can slow and even stop the progression of this eye disease in children.

There's also a well-known link between KC and developmental delay. Some researchers report between 5 and 15 percent of people with developmental delays have KC, especially in those with Down syndrome.

Contact Us About Collagen Cross-Linking Treatment for KC

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh offers CXL treatment at our Center for Collagen Cross-Linking at our Lawrenceville campus.