Vision Enhancement Center

The Vision Enhancement Center (VEC) of Pittsburgh aims to maximize the potential of children who have visual impairment.

We know that children and adolescents with vision challenges are a special group.

Their success depends on support from:

  • Their families.
  • Their health care team.
  • Their teachers.
  • A range of service organizations.

Vision Impairment (VI) Resources

  • For Kids — learn some cool ways you or a friend with VI can have fun.
  • For Parents — find VI programs and resources for you and your child.
  • For Health Care Professionals — get tips for you and your staff when caring for a child with VI.
  • For Educators — learn some ways you can help a visually impaired student.

Who We Are

The VEC is a collaboration of health care providers, educators, social workers, and other specialists throughout Allegheny County, including:

We're here to connect you with services that help kids see better, learn better, and navigate their world better.

Together, let’s see what a difference we can make.

For questions, please email Rachael Gniewkowski.