Our Multidisciplinary Team Approach

The specialists at Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Vascular Anomalies Center are trained to address all aspects of your child’s diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Management of vascular anomalies includes a variety of health care professionals because the skills of many different specialties are needed to help treat each aspect of the problem depending on the severity of the lesion. The team’s specialists include the following:

Dermatologists help diagnose vascular malformations and help formulate a treatment plan. They often help in executing parts of the treatment in coordination with the rest of the team.

Hematologists help address the potential bleeding disorders that may go along with the child’s vascular anomaly or its treatment. These physicians help follow blood counts and make recommendations regarding possible therapies.

Because vascular malformations often involve the airway, otolaryngologists (ENT surgeons) make recommendations regarding the management of the airway and the surgical intervention that might be needed to remove lesions.

Pathologists help diagnose the lesion after it is biopsied or removed. They can provide critical information that helps in ongoing treatment.

The team’s pediatricians help monitor the child in terms of his or her growth and development. Sometimes children with vascular anomalies are on steroids and propranolol, and the pediatricians help monitor the side effects.

Vascular lesions may present in many locations on the body. If a child has an anomaly that extends internally, pediatric surgeons help in planning and executing the treatment.

Plastic surgeons help treat the vascular anomalies using techniques such as laser and staged excision. They utilize various methods for reconstruction if needed.

Interventional radiologists use minimally invasive techniques to help assess the extent and exact nature of a complex vascular lesion. They also can provide procedures that can be used along with other treatments and can therapeutically treat certain lesions.al follows.

Meet our Pediatric Vascular Anomalies Center team.

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