Clinical Asthma Care

At the Pediatric Asthma Center, experts on lung function, breathing sensitivities, and the immune system team up to provide the highest level of care for their patients.

This multidisciplinary approach capitalizes on expertise in each of these areas to greatly enhance the early diagnosis and treatment of children with asthma, as well as education on asthma awareness and prevention and specialized programs to diagnose and treat children from all socio-economic groups.

The Asthma Center at Children’s Hospital is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to detect asthmatic conditions in children as young as 2 years old. Previously, diagnoses could not be made in children younger than 5.

Earlier diagnosis and more effective management of this age group decreases the number of cases of undiagnosed asthma, and will significantly reduce the number of emergency room visits by children with asthma.

Asthma testing and appointments with an asthma specialist are available at all Children’s Hospital locations. To find out more, or to make an appointment with a pediatric asthma specialist in the location nearest you, please call 412-692-LUNG (5864).