Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Unit (CHRU) Outcomes

We understand that you have options when it comes to the care of your child. At the Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Unit (CHRU), we strive to optimize the health, quality of life, and independence of our patients. We are focused on continually enhancing our program to provide the best rehabilitative care. For that reason, the CHRU uses outcomes to improve performance.

The graphs below reflect the CHRU outcomes from 2021.

Number of Patients

CHRU Number of Patients Graph

Patient Diagnoses

CHRU Patient Diagnoses Graph

Customer Satisfaction

CHRU Customer Satisfaction Graph

Average Length of Stay

CHRU Average Length of Stay Graph

Return to Home

CHRU Return to Home Graph

Functional Improvement

CHRU Functional Improvement Graph

Average Hours of Treatment Per Day

Average Hours of Treatment per Weekday: 3.75

Unplanned Transfers Back to Acute Care

unplanned Transfers Back to Acute Care 7%