Clinical Nurse Specialists

At UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, clinical nurse specialists are dedicated to working with transplant patients and their families. They provide educational, social, and often emotional support. You will probably meet your clinical nurse specialist for the first time at your child’s evaluation.

By spending time and talking with you and your child, he or she will find out what you already know about pediatric transplantation, and address your questions and concerns. While your child is a liver transplant or small bowel transplant candidate, your clinical nurse specialist will provide you with detailed information to help you understand what to expect during the transplant process.

Once your child has received his or her transplant, the clinical nurse specialist works closely with you to help you adjust to and follow the new medical routine. The objective is to prepare your family for daily life after your child leaves the hospital. When that day comes, your clinical nurse specialist will help coordinate the discharge. He or she will also act as a contact person between the people who provided your child’s care as an inpatient, and the people who will now work with your child as an outpatient.

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