What To Expect During Intestine Transplant

For intestinal transplant, knowing what to expect will help ease parents' anxiety about the transplantation process and offer hope for a successful recovery.

The Intestine Transplant Procedure

Learn important details about the intestine transplant procedure such as which transplant team members you’ll meet with, the waiting list, what happens when an intestine becomes available for transplant, and follow-up care.

Your Child's Intestinal Transplant Evaluation

Learn about what happens during the intestinal transplant evaluation, how long the evaluation lasts, and what happens after the evaluation.

Video of an Intestinal Transplant

View a video of an intestinal transplant on a 10-year-old boy with tufting enteropathy, performed at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Facts About Intestinal Transplantation (PDF)

Learn key information about intestinal transplantation, including causes of intestinal failure, FAQs about intestinal transplantation, and post-transplant care.