Pediatric Intestinal Transplant Statistics and Outcomes

Intestine Transplant Survival Rates

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has excellent survival rates for intestinal transplantation. Patients of Children’s pediatric intestinal transplant program represent the world’s first and most successful series of small intestine transplants.

Intestine Transplant Patient Survival
1 year 100%  national average  86% 
3 years  80%  national average  83% 

Abdominal Transplant Volumes

We're one of the most active pediatric transplant centers in the nation, having performed more than 2,000 abdominal transplants, including liver, liver/kidney, living-donor liver, liver/small bowel, small bowel/multivisceral.

Transplant Type 2023 Program Inception Through 12/31/2022
Liver and Liver/Kidney 21 1,531
Living-Donor Liver 8 195
Liver/Small Bowel/Intestine 1 294
Liver/Heart 0 4
Subtotal 30 2,024

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