Tests During Your Child's Pre-Kidney Transplant Exam

At your child's pre-kidney transplant exam, they'll need many tests.

These tests will let the transplant team learn about your child's:

  • Basic health.
  • Blood and tissue types.
  • Immune system.
  • Renal system.

To learn more, call the kidney transplant team at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh at 412-692-5182.

Your child's testing may differ from others since each child's health history is unique.

Learn about some tests your child may need — and why.

A Physical Exam

Your transplant team will fully assess your child's health, checking them from head to toe.

Pre-kidney Transplant Blood Tests

We take blood for many reasons.

Blood tests help us:

  • Assess your child's overall health.
  • Learn their blood type.
  • Find any infections or other health issues.
  • Reveal antibodies in your child's immune system. The immune system affects how the body accepts or rejects a transplanted organ.

Imaging Tests

Many children with kidney disease have other health issues that are causing the kidneys to fail.

Your child may need imaging tests such as ultrasounds and x-rays to:

  • Check inside the body for any other issues the transplant team should be aware of.
  • Find good blood vessels where the surgeon can attach your child's transplanted kidney.

Pre-kidney Transplant Mental Health Support

The time leading up to a kidney transplant is stressful for you and your child.

Our team will make sure you're both ready for the challenges the transplant journey can bring.

After your pre-kidney transplant visit, your child will have more tests as needed until the surgery.

Contact the Kidney Transplant Program at UPMC Children's

If you have questions or concerns about your child's kidney disease or transplant, call our team at 412-692-5182.