Before you leave the house, take some time to review the tips below.

Pointers for Parents

  1. Tell your sitter where you’re going and how long you will be gone.
  2. Review the house rules with your sitter.
  3. Show your sitter emergency fire escape routes.
  4. Instruct your sitter to have no guests unless you approve in advance.
  5. Give your sitter feeding and bathing instructions.
  6. Explain how to handle your child if he/she wakes up.
  7. If you find you will be home later than planned, phone your sitter and tell him/her.
  8. Lock up before you leave.
  9. If your sitter is new, allow time for him/her to get acquainted with your child before you leave.
  10. Have a clear understanding with your sitter about his/her fee, use of refrigerator, kitchen, television, telephone, computer, etc.
  11. On your return home, ask the sitter about any phone calls, visitors, emergencies, accidents or unusual occurrences.
  12. Always escort the sitter home at night.