Dek Hockey Safety Tips

Injury Prevention Dek Hockey cartoonDek hockey is becoming an increasingly popular sport for children. Many of the injuries that occur in dek hockey are similar to the ones that occur in ice hockey. Dek hockey is classified as a “collision sport” by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and injuries can be severe.

  • The most common types of injury are sprains, bruises, fractures, facial cuts and head injuries (including concussion).
  • The number of injuries and level of severity can be greatly reduced by using the proper safety gear at all times and by modifying the rules of play for children.

Safety Tips

  • Before your child starts any sports program, take him/her to the doctor for a physical and injury risk assessment.
  • Be sure your child wears all the required safety equipment any time he/she practices or plays. Dek hockey safety gear includes:
    • Helmet with full face guard
    • Shin and knee pads
    • Gloves
    • Elbow pads
    • Rollerblades with soft wheels (grips dek surface better with less falls)
    • Plastic or fiberglass blade on stick
    • Sports eyewear for children who wear glasses
  • Children should warm up and stretch before playing.
  • Talk to your child’s coach. Coaches must enforce safe play and the rules of the game, and they should be aware of injury risks to children.
  • First aid should be available at every practice and game.
  • Children should never be encouraged to “play through the pain.” If your child is injured, seek medical care.
  • The environment should be visibly free from damage and hazards.
  • Most important: Playing dek hockey should be fun! If too much of the focus is on competing and winning your child may push too hard and get hurt.