When Your Baby Is Home

From the time you bring your child home from the hospital, your baby’s care and safety depends entirely on you. Even in the first few months, there are many potential hazards in the home. Whether it’s feeding time, changing time, playtime or bedtime, the safety guidelines in this section will help you give your child the safest care.

First Aid Emergencies

In case of emergencies, keep first-aid kits and flashlights handy and post emergency numbers on or near telephones.

Visit the Treating Common Injuries section of our site for more information.

Tripping & Falling

Keep pathways and stairways free of toys, shoes and other objects. Don’t risk harming a baby by carrying too much at one time. Make additional trips if necessary.

Paint Fumes & Remodeling Debris

Keep a child out of a room that is being painted, has just been painted or contains furniture that has just been painted. Fumes from paint are harmful to young children. Also, remove a child from a room before starting household repairs or remodeling. The debris caused by the work can cause injury.


For the health of your baby, your family and yourself, avoid smoking. If you choose to smoke, don’t do so near a baby or any other family member. Second hand smoke is dangerous to all who breathe it. Another reason to never hold a baby while smoking is to avoid accidental burning.