When You're Not Home

Babysitters – whether they’re grandparents, neighbors or teenagers – take your place while you’re not at home. It becomes their job to protect your child’s safety. Do not underestimate the importance of clear and detailed instructions. The following tips will help prepare your babysitter for potential problems.

Make sure your babysitter knows the emergency phone numbers in your area and how to reach you in case an emergency occurs. These suggestions will help prepare your babysitter if there’s a problem.

  • Post emergency phone numbers – including police, fire, ambulance service, hospital, physician and poison center numbers – near the phone. Tell the babysitter where the phone numbers are posted.
  • Always write down the phone number of the place where you will be, your cell phone number or pager number, and post it near the phone.
  • Program your cell phone and/or office number into the babysitter’s phone for easy access.
  • Always leave the phone number of a neighbor or relative to call in case of emergency.
  • Make sure the babysitter knows your street address and phone number for identification purposes.
  • When in doubt, encourage the babysitter to call you.
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's Emergency Department phone number is 
  • The Pittsburgh Poison Center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh phone number 
    is 1-800-222-1222

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