Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is an important component of the comprehensive services the Division of Genetic and Genomic Medicine offers. Genetic counselors with graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling provide information and support to families of children with genetic disorders. Their multiple roles include helping to identify families at risk, serving as patient advocates, helping families understand genetic disorders and their consequences, providing supportive counseling and counseling families who may be at risk for inherited conditions.

Genetic counselors in the Division of Genetic and Genomic Medicine are:

  • Roxanne Acquaro, MS, CGC
  • Jessica Sebastian, MS, CGC
  • Nadene Henderson, MS, CGC
  • Elena Infante, MS, CGC
  • Laura Jenkins, MS
  • Elizabeth McCracken, MS, CGC  
  • Catherine M. Walsh Vockley, MS, CGC

Contact Us

To schedule a genetics appointment or consultation, please call 412-692-5070.