For Kids: Vision Impairment Resources

Are you a kid with vision impairment? Or, do you know someone who has vision impairment?

If so, you're at the right place.

At the Vision Enhancement Center, we've put together some cool ideas and info just for you!

There’s a lot of fun stuff out there that you can do — alone or with friends.

Click a link below to get started.

I Have Vision Impairment:

  • Get tips on how to tell others what it's like to have VI.
  • Find creative ways you can have fun by yourself.
  • Get ideas for having fun with your friends.

I Have a Friend with Vision Impairment:

  • Learn about some cool tools your friend with VI might use.
  • Get answers to questions about having a friend with VI.
  • Know it's ok to ask your friend what it's like to have VI.