Vision Impairment Tips for Health Care Professionals

Teachers, social workers, and others rely on your notes and diagnoses when caring for children with special needs.

Here are a few tips for you and your staff:

  1. Be aware of ADA guidelines. See this checklist from the American Foundation for the Blind to help make sure your office is accessible to visually impaired patients.
  2. Share information routinely.
  3. Be reachable for follow up. Provide the best ways for contacting you or your office.

Treatment for vision impairment can feel fragmented and confusing — both for children and their families. But, when groups of professionals team up to work with visually impaired children, it’s more straightforward and less stressful for everyone.

To that end, the Vision Enhancement Center (VEC) plans to develop a HIPAA-compliant database. This database will allow a child’s educators, healthcare providers, and parents to share information.

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