Child Life Specialists in Radiology

In the Department of Pediatric Radiology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh – and at the hospital in general – we continuously focus on family-centered care in order to provide an optimal experience for patients and their families. 

To assist in provide family-centered care throughout Pediatric Radiology, a child life specialist (CLS) will focus on preparation, language, distraction, parental involvement, and teaching approaches prior to and during a child’s procedure. The CLS’ role is to help children and their families cope with the anxiety and fear associated with these procedures. 

A CLS can be used as a resource for parents prior to their child’s procedure and also for feedback once the procedure has been completed. The CLS can also serve as an educator for staff members as well as other health care professionals in the community. The overall goal of Child Life is to enhance emotional, social, and cognitive growth among pediatric patients during medical experiences.

Contact Our Radiology Child Life Specialists

Erika Parsons, MS, CCLS II

Rachael Razorsek, MS, CCLS II

Connor Jackson, MS, CCLS I