MRI Simulator

Is your child having their first MRI scan? We know that the big, round, noisy machine can be scary.

That's why UPMC Children's radiology certified child life specialists (CCLS) offer a mock MRI before the real thing.

MRI SimulatorOur MRI simulator:

  • Lets your child learn about and experience the MRI process before their appointment.
  • Looks, moves, and sounds almost exactly like a real MRI camera.
  • Can help ease your child's fears because they know what to expect.

Our CCLS uses age-appropriate teaching tools and language to prepare your child for their MRI. Based on the mock MRI, they can assess if your child can get through the test without sedation.

Mock MRI Benefits

Most kids that have a mock MRI:

  • Learn they need to lie still during the test. This means they often complete the real MRI scan on their first try.
  • Often require less medication to help them relax and hold still, which could shorten your visit.
  • If sedation is not needed, your child will be able to get an appointment sooner if one isn't already scheduled. This will benefit your schedule and means the practice MRI will be fresh in their minds to help keep them at ease.

Making Your Child's Mock MRI Appointment

MRI Simulator RoomWe offer appointments for children ages 4 and older Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at UPMC Children's main campus in Lawrenceville.

Appointments for the MRI simulator take about 20 minutes.

Contact the Radiology CCLS Team to make an appointment:

When making an appointment, please provide:

  • Your child's name and date of birth.
  • The type of MRI.
  • The reason for MRI.
  • Optional: any behavioral diagnosis, such as autism, ADHD, or anxiety.