Our Approach to Pediatric Radiology

In the Department of Pediatric Radiology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh – and at the hospital in general – we continuously focus on family-centered care in order to provide an optimal experience for patients and their families. Many innovations have taken place in Pediatric Radiology at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh with the intent to lessen the anxiety of patients and families, thus reducing the need for sedation during imaging studies. 

Our techniques include:

  • Adventure rooms and suite graphics — Our Adventure Series of imaging equipment and imaging suite graphics create a unique journey for every patient that makes the radiology experience more exciting, interactive, and fun. 
  • Distraction techniques — The Pediatric Radiology Department implements age appropriate coping skills to facilitate distraction for patients.
  • Radiology Child Life Specialists – Our Child Life Specialists focus on age appropriate preparation, language, distraction, parental involvement, and teaching to support patients prior to and during a child’s imaging exam or procedure.
  • Imaging gently — The introduction of the Image Gently™ campaign provides further promise that the focus of the Pediatric Radiology Department is on patient care. Each staff member completes the Image Gently™ pledge yearly.

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Erika Parsons, MS, CCLS II

Rachael Novak, MS, CCLS II

Connor Jackson, MS, CCLS