Colorectal Center for Children Patient and Family Resources

Learn more about our Bowel Management WorkshopsWhen your child has a colorectal problem, he or she may feel alone and have a hard time with social situations.

The doctors and staff at the Colorectal Center for Children know the challenges these conditions can cause not only your child, but also your whole family.

That's why we've put together these resources. We hope to answer any questions and help ease your concerns of caring for a child with a colorectal disease.

Helping Parents Perform Colonic Irrigation

Rectal irrigations are the best way to clear stool from the colon and prevent "stasis" — problems moving stool through the colon.

Our colonic irrigation guide will help you perform this treatment with the aid of your child's nurse or doctor. 

Instructions for Giving Your Child an Enema

Enemas help clean your child's colon.

The Colorectal Center for Children team offers step-by-step instructions for giving your child an enema. We also provide you with the list of ingredients you need to mix the enema solution.

Bowel Management Workshop

Our Bowel Management Workshop helps parents and families better understand constipation or fecal incontinence resulting from certain colon and rectal diseases.

See the Bowel Management Workshop schedule and registration information.

Lemieux Sibling Center Brochure (PDF)

Wound and Ostomy Care

Our hospital has dedicated Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) that are here to help you care for your child. Please visit our Wound and Ostomy Page for more information, helpful resources, and contact information should you have any questions about your child’s ostomy needs.