Enema Administration

Enemas are used to help clean the colon. The enema allows a solution to enter the colon via the rectum to assist in cleaning stool out of the colon and keeping the child free of accidents for 24 hours. Before administering the enema, instruction will be provided by the Colorectal Center team. The team will also provide you with the ingredients that are to be used in the enema solution.


  1. 24 French Foley with 30 ml balloon (16 French for children under one yr of age)
  2. Kangaroo gravity bag
  3. Lubricant
  4. 20 ml syringe
  5. Recipe items for enema solution

Steps for Administering the Enema

  1. Combine enema ingredients prescribed by Colorectal Center in the gravity bag
    • Saline – warm to body temperature
    • Glycerin
    • Soap
  2. Fleet (Phospho soda enema)
  3. Gently mix this solution, do not shake vigorously
  4. Allow fluid to fill the tubing and Foley by releasing roller clamp
  5. Lubricate Foley very well
  6. Place child in proper position

     Positions for administering an enema

  7. Insert Foley approximately 4 inches into the rectum
  8. Inflate balloon with 30 ml of air
  9. Pull back on Foley until resistance is met
  10. Infuse enema solution over 15 minutes
  11. Deflate balloon by pulling all air out until resistance is met with syringe
  12. Sit on toilet for 30 minutes
  13. Record all events on enema log provided to you

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