Frequently Asked Questions About Telemedicine Appointments

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Insurance coverage will vary. It is the responsibility of the patients, parents, and legal guardians to check with their insurance carrier to verify coverage. Co-payments will apply as they do with any other medical appointment. If the cost of a telemedicine visit is not covered by insurance, parents may choose self-pay or schedule a regular exam.

Do I need a referral form?

It is the responsibility of the patient, parent, or legal guardian to check with your insurance carrier in advance if a referral form is needed. Insurance requirements will vary and additional costs may be incurred for the exam and other tests or procedures if a referral form is not obtained.

How is a telemedicine visit confirmed?

Patients will receive confirmation by mail of their scheduled telemedicine appointment date and time, arrival time, and information on how to change or cancel the appointment.

What happens during a telemedicine visit?

A telemedicine visit is similar to a routine office exam. Once you arrive at your appointment location, please sign in at the front desk as you would for any other visit. A medical assistant will escort the patient, parent, or guardian to an exam room equipped with a high-definition monitor. A nurse or medical assistant will take the patient's standard medical information, such as temperature, height, and weight. The assistant will establish two-way video-conferencing connectivity to begin the telemedicine exam and will offer assistance throughout the session. The physician, located at Children's Telemedicine Center in Lawrenceville, will lead the exam. Parents, guardians, and patients may ask questions at any time Physicians will have access to a patent's medical records as they would during a routine, in-person exam. 

Who should I contact with questions about my telemedicine appointment?

For questions about your telemedicine appointment, please contact the medical provider directly. For more information about the Telemedicine Center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, please call 412-692-8633 or email

Where can I learn more about telemedicine?

Here are some additional resources about telemedicine services: