Leadership and Staff

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Research Leadership team serves as a link to the University of Pittsburgh and other institutions that have an interest in conducting research within Children’s Hospital's medical community. The Research Administration group also supports Children’s Research Advisory Committee, an internally competitive funding opportunity to provide funds for projects in the incubation stages, and which also provides fellowships and bridge funding for investigators.

Research Administrator
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Pediatrics
Nancy Harter
E-mail: nancy.harter@chp.edu

Director of Research
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Diane E. Cline
E-mail: diane.cline@chp.edu

Assistant Director - Research Facilities

Shawn Ward
E-mail: shawn.ward@chp.edu

Research Administrative Staff
Linda Cherok
E-mail: linda.cherok@chp.edu