Information for Parents

The Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Center (PCTRC) was established to increase medical knowledge about childhood diseases and to improve the management and treatment of these diseases. Your participation is of great importance and value to medical research. We have a dedicated staff of physicians, nurses and health care professionals experienced in health care delivery and research who will ensure your comfort and safety as you participate in medical studies.

Many parents are anxious about their child coming to a hospital and participating in a research study. We understand that you have concerns when your child is hospitalized or undergoes medical testing and have provided answers to frequently asked questions as well as general information about participating in a clinical study such as those managed by the PCTRC.

Accommodations for inpatients

Children who are part of inpatient studies will stay in a single or double room, depending on the specific study. A chair bed is available in the room for one parent to stay with the child. All rooms include a shower/bathroom. A telephone is located at each bedside in the patient room. Toll calls must be charged to a credit card or your home phone. A television and VCR or DVD player are also provided at no cost.

The PCTRC patients have access to an activity room for young children and a teen lounge. The hospital employs child life specialists who coordinate special activities in which your child may participate. No medical procedures are permitted in the activity centers. Other hospital facilities include a parent lounge, a pantry with a microwave oven and laundry facilities. The hospital also provides a gift and snack shop and a full-service cafeteria. Learn more about other hospital services at Children’s.

Visitation for inpatients

All visitors to the PCTRC Inpatient Unit must obtain a visitor identification sticker and register at the Welcome Desk, located on the first floor. Immediate family members may visit at any time during the day. Parents are welcome to stay overnight. Children may visit, providing an adult accompanies them. All others may visit between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily. Some visitation restrictions may apply based on the research protocol.

Contact us

For questions or additional information, please contact Administrative Manager, Alexis Ripper at 412-692-5573.