Who Are Our Patients?

When you work at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, you experience a feeling of professional satisfaction like no other. Why? It's the kids. Kids like Carleigh, Earl and Grace. They represent the faces of the kids you'll meet every day at Children's Hospital.

 Nursing Patient - Carleigh Plotts, liver transplant surgery

Carleigh Plotts

A few years ago, Carleigh had liver transplant surgery at Children's and today she leads the happy life that every little girl should. It all started in 1981, when Dr. Thomas Starzl, the world's preeminent name in transplant success, guided us in opening the nation's first pediatric transplant center. Today, Children's has performed more organ transplants than any other pediatric center ,and its survival rates are among the best in the world. Carleigh is a shining example of that success. Like all transplant patients, she is monitored on an ongoing basis but she is a bright, outgoing, self-assured little girl.

 Nursing Patient, Earl Jordan, Type 1 diabetes  

Earl Jordan

Earl Jordan is one of more than a million children who suffer from type 1 diabetes. But the latest groundbreaking research under way at Children's is making bold inroads toward a cure. Our team of doctors and researchers has developed a novel treatment strategy that has been approved by the FDA for clinical trial. This continues our landmark work into understanding, managing and—hopefully, one day—curing juvenile diabetes. That's something Earl Jordan is really looking forward to.

 Nursing Patient - Grace Henry, cystic hygroma

Grace Henry

Grace Henry was only 18 weeks along in her mother's womb when she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal neck mass called a cystic hygroma. Fortunately, Grace was already a patient of the Fetal Surgery Program at Children's, one of only a handful of such programs nationwide staffed with surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists experienced in these highly delicate procedures. Today, Grace is a happy, healthy 3-year-old. But we're proud to say that we've known her longer than that.

Nursing Patient - Grace Henry, cystic hygroma