Frequently Asked Questions About Pharmacy Careers

What is the environment like?

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC pharmacy is a fast-paced inpatient pharmacy serving over 300 beds including a range of disease states, populations, and outpatient sites. Children’s pharmacy specializes in pediatric medicine including transplant medicine and chemotherapeutics.

How many pharmacists work in your department?

There are approximately 50 pharmacists on staff.

How is the pharmacy set up?

The pharmacy is divided into three parts. Children’s has a centralized inpatient pharmacy. Children’s also consists of 2 satellite pharmacies, the operating room pharmacy, and the chemotherapy pharmacy.

Would I be considered if I only have a retail background?

Inpatient pharmacy experience is preferred; however, Children’s has had pharmacists make the transition to inpatient without any experience in the past.

Is overtime available?

Overtime is not guaranteed. However, overtime is generally available.

Will I be rotated through all hospital pharmacy functions?

Staff pharmacists are regularly rotated through all the various pharmacy functions including oral and IV first doses, oral and IV batches, and order verification. The specialties areas (OR and Chemo pharmacies) are rotated through by request.

What are some of the learning opportunities, for example, in-services, CEs, etc.?

Learning opportunities are available at Children’s through clinical pharmacist presentations which may or may not count toward CE hours.

Will I have any clinical opportunities, for example, attending rounds, working on clinical projects, etc.?

Staff pharmacists do not routinely attend rounds. However, the opportunity does exist to work on clinical projects as deemed appropriate by clinical staff and management.

How have the Pharmacy's role and pharmacists' role expanded upon moving to the new hospital?

The pharmacy now serves a much greater number and range of patients. It is the pharmacist’s responsibility to be up to date on new therapies and to provide the best possible care to our varied patient population. In comparison to the old hospital, Children’s has grown immensely regarding the scope of our practice.

How is the Pharmacy perceived by other health professionals in the hospital?

The pharmacy at Children’s is the main HUB for medication dispensing, clinical medication questions, and administration questions. The hospital works together as a collaborative team to provide therapy to our patients.

What is the new hospital like?

The Lawrenceville campus was designed to be for the children in every aspect. The campus is filled with unique architecture and colorful and fun décor. The aim of Children’s is to provide top notch care while serving as a respite from reality. Various patient centered events are scheduled throughout the year to provide a fun atmosphere opposed to having the hospital be simply a destination for therapy. Children’s realizes that patients need to continue their lives despite their current situation.