Things to Bring Checklist

  • Any papers provided by your child’s doctor, including the history and physical form and the consent form.
  • Legal guardian papers.

If you are not the biological parent (natural mother or father) of the child, you must bring copies of court documents of your legal right to give consent for the procedure and anesthesia. If you have any questions, please contact the social worker for the surgical service that cares for your child by calling 412-692-5255.

  • Insurance company authorization, if required by your insurer.
  • Insurance card and social security card.
  • Storage cases for your child’s eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or orthodontic retainer.
  • Favorite security object from home (pacifier, toy, blanket, CD player, etc.).
  • Preferred bottle, sippy cup or sports bottle.
  • For Special Needs children, bring any communication device or sensory/comfort item.

To fully prepare for your child's surgery, learn how long the procedure will last

Download our outpatient surgery checklist to help prepare for your child's outpatient surgery.